SLA Quality Agreement for web hosting packages

Service Agreement


Service Level Agreement

Service Agreement Offered to Web Hosting Services

This quality agreement or SLA (Service Level Agreement) applies for the full range of services offered by Hostico.

By "uptime" we understand the annual percentage, in which your website is available to be accessed from a neutral location via HTTP.

The uptime is measured by the Hostico monitoring systems.

We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% in order to achieve 100% for each of your websites.

In case this value falls below 99.9% uptimewe will add the following percentages of the amount previously paid as a credit on the next invoice :


  • 99.0% - 99.8% : 5%
  • 98.0% - 98.9% : 10%
  • 95.0% - 97.9% : 20%
  • 90.0% - 94.9% : 50%
  • 0.00% - 89.9% : 100%

In the case of the servers where the client assumes accountability about the commitment of quality management it will refer only to the availability of connectivity on the network of the managed equipment.

Hostico will use its technical, commercial and organizational methods to offer working services 24/7. The clients acknowledge the fact that, temporary the services can be inaccessible or inoperable for various reason, including scheduled maintenance procedures or upgrades ("Scheduled maintenance work").Hostico will let the clients know with at least 48 hours before proceeding with the maintenance procedures and will use all the technical and commercial means to minimise these disruptions, limitations or restrictions of its servers.

The clients accounts will not be credited according to this quality agreement, if any error respectively downtime of the website is caused or generated by:

  • improper operation of services and causes that are not under the control of Hostico or can be avoided by Hostico
  • downtime of the telecommunications or of the digital transition lines, attacks on the networks, congestion of the network or other damages.
  • wars, earthquakes, natural calamities
  • fire, viruses, hackers, crackers
  • DDOS, embargos, authorities actions
  • hardware failures
  • problems regarding the DNS or other problems that cannot be controlled by Hostico
  • clients connectivity issues with: FTP POP, IMAP, DNS, WEB

Crediting of the accounts is performed in percentages reported to recurring annual fees, consisting of discounts applied to next invoices.